Rethinking Education


Brains run on fun.
Before I became

a professor, I had no idea how much fun teaching can be. But it is! I love helping people develop their creative potential, nurturing their ability to think critically and to create aesthetic experiences that make a difference in the world.

What every student brings with them.

I believe that every human, and every student, brings values, curiosity and talent to the table. That is where education should bolster us, because that’s where we’re at our best.

What we professors should provide to every student.

As a professor, my duty as I see it is to provide three things. Firstly, inspiration: to embrace each student’s curiosity, especially in areas that are purposeful for their individual values. Second, motivation: strengthening students’ conviction to use their talents to advance their personal values. Third, freedom: When they learn to use the power of their curiosity and talent, they are free to unfold their full potential and become who they truly are.

What the university should be for students.

What does this mean for the university? It should be a place of personal acceptance, playful discovery, exploratory learning, individual development and steady reflection, with a culture that embraces learning through error.

How I teach.